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A Weekend In Victoria – City Guide

September 27, 2017 1 Comments

My birthday was a few weeks ago, so to celebrate we decided to catch the ferry up to Victoria for the weekend. This also got me thinking! Why not create a Victoria – City Guide for you to see what we got up to while we were there! We had so much fun just walking around and exploring that I wanted to share some of the gems we found!

Victoria - City Guide

Day 1 In Victoria

Victoria Clipper –

Catching the clipper from Seattle is super easy! It is only a 3-hour ride and you’re in Victoria. We were able to get to the ferry easily grab a coffee and check our bags. I highly recommend taking the motion sickness pills provided on board. Our ride was super easy and smooth, but I am very sensitive to motion and definitely needed it.

Victoria - City Guide

Huntingdon Manor –

Our hotel, The Huntingdon Manor, was just across the street from the Victoria Clipper. Originally we were a little worried it might be a far walk to everything, however, it was located right between Fisherman’s Wharf and the downtown area. When you walk into the front entrance of the hotel, you will walk by The Gatsby Mansion and The Peddler. Both buildings are built in a gorgeous Victorian style. The room we stayed in was an average hotel room, nothing crazy special, but really how much time do you actually spend in a hotel room. They also server a free complimentary breakfast. We expected it to be your classic continental breakfast, however, you got your pick of 3 different hot breakfast.

Victoria - City Guide

Fisherman’s Wharf –

Victoria - City GuideBarb’s Fish & Chips –

When at Fisherman’s Wharf fish and chips are a must! Stop by Barb’s for a variety of different fish options. We decided to stick with just the classics and order the fish and chips. The two of us devoted it! It might have been because we were starving after our ferry ride, but we still loved it.


Victoria - City GuideSmoke and Anchor –

Now we didn’t end up eating here but we couldn’t have fish and chips properly without a beer. Since there is only one place to get beer on the wharf we headed over the Smoke and Anchor. Thankfully, you can bring outside food into their area.

Victoria - City GuideJackson Ice Cream –

Now, what meal to the wharf isn’t finished with Ice Cream. I know I am not supposed to be having any dairy products, but on vacation, I tend to allow myself a few more treats. 



Dinner –

Victoria - City Guide

Bard & Banker Public House

After a short walk around downtown, we decided to grab dinner at Bard & Banker. The atmosphere here was very…. We originally stopped here to just grab drinks, but we ended up ordering the most amazing grilled cheese it not only had brie but also goat cheese! We decimated it! We also ordered a hummus and pita plate which was the perfect appetizer size.

Victoria - City Guide

Shop my Look – 

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After dinner, we walked around the city a bit and was able to see the Fairmount Empress light up at night as well as the Parliament building. Both are such gorgeous cornerstones of the bay, it is definitely something you don’t want to miss while you are here.

Day 2

A Walk Around Downtown

Victoria - City Guide

China Town and Fan Tan Alley –

While in Victoria you need to check out Fan Tan Alley it is located in China Town and only about a 10-minute walk from the Empress. It is the smallest street in Canada. There are several very cool small shops through here. We stopped into a record store as well as some very cool vintage shops.

Victoria - City Guide

Market Square –

This is kind of a cool little area! The square is surrounded by multiple levels of shops and restaurants.

Victoria - City Guide

Tonic – The cutest little jewelry shop. Most of the jewelry is handmade by the shop owner. I picked up a few new pieces here and managed to find the ring I had been looking for the past few months. We also ordered two necklaces and she made them for us in just a few hours for us to pick up later that night.

Victoria - City Guide

The Drake Eatery – While we were waiting for our custom order of jewelry to be finished we stopped by The Drake Eatery and got a few drinks. I can’t speak to any of their food, but the drinks were good and the atmosphere was great.

Victoria - City Guide

Afternoon Tea

Now, this is something that is usually on the must do list while in Victoria. I was really excited when my friend surprised me with reservations for tea while we were here. Tea is served in a gorgeous little tea room. You get all your little sandwiches and scones served on a three-tier serving dish. Since we were away celebrating my birthday, they even wrote Happy Birthday on a piece of chocolate for me! We choose to enjoy the Rose tea, a favorite of Princess Diana. Now, this isn’t something that you have to do while in Victoria, but definitely, a fun experience, especially if you are like me and love tea.

Victoria - City Guide

Bartholomew’s Pub –

Now we couldn’t be grandma’s this entire trip so Saturday night we decided to get out and find a pub to have a few drinks at. Bartholomew’s had a great English Pub vibe with live Blue’s music! I ordered a Moscow Mule and Jenny ordered a Ruby Red. We spent almost two hours here and just enjoyed the atmosphere.

Victoria - City Guide

Day 3

Our final day in Victoria was very short! We ended up just having a quick breakfast at our hotel, finished packing, and caught our ferry ride home!



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