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A Better Vitamin C To Keep You Healthy

September 20, 2017 0 Comments

Staying healthy in the fall and winter can be tricky when you are in offices, classrooms, or even just in public with people who are sick! Nothing will wipe me out more than a cold and make my days just drag on. This means staying healthy and getting lots of Vitamin C is very important!

vitamin c

I know most people immediately reach for orange juice, but you might want to rethink this idea! Did you know that there are artifical flavors and fragrances within even your natural orange juice? Yeah….. Gross!!!

Instead of adding even more artifical flavors and fragrances to my body, I opt for this Vitamin C powder. So, instead I am giving myself a pure form of the vitamin that is going to help me get better without the crap. Here are a few things about this powder –

What you should know about Vitamin C powder –

  • If you don’t see “ULTRA FINE” Quali-C, you are getting a cheaper grade that will not give you the same dissolution nor absorption.
  • Warning, ingredients only need to be packaged in the USA to claim made in the USA 90% of the Vitamin C on the market is made in China.
  • Finest of the Quali®-C Vitamin C products at the lowest markup!
  • Dr Robert Cathcart’s recommended form of vitamin C – Pure, so no sorbitol or other unknown or undissolved crystals
  • An essential nutrient, with many important uses in the body: immune-system stimulation, anti-allergy, anti-oxidant, tissue/wound healing, iron absorption, eye health and more.

Personally, I add a scoop to my water a couple times a week. It has a nice tangy taste to it but isn’t overly powering as long as you only add the 1 scoop. If you are looking for a stronger citrus flavor you can add another scoop or so. However, I would advise to keep it between 1 or 2 scoops otherwise you might be making that sour face everytime you take a drink.

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vitamin c