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Tis the Season to Dress Up

December 14, 2017 0 Comments

It is the season where we have lots of holiday parties, events, dinners, and just about every opportunity to reach for those special occasion items in our closets. A lot of the time those special occasion items are sequin and extra sparkly dresses, which is definitely not my style. I think if I showed up to a party wearing a crazy sequin dress all my friends and family would question my sanity at the moment, because it is definitely not me. Instead, when I dress up, I like to go for looks that are more classic but taken up a notch.

tis the season to dress up

Photos by – All Things Kate

I am definitely not afraid of a little sparkle, but I don’t want my entire outfit to shine like a disco ball. That is why I was drawn to this jacket. It gives the perfect amount of fun sparkly detail, without being too overwhelming. Also, it is a leather jacket and to be honest I fall in love with just about any leather jacket, faux or real.

tis the season to dress up

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Did you know that this dress I am wearing is actually a nightgown? Now it probably isn’t a nightgown I could sleep in because I would probably freeze to death in it, but I think it works great to dress up in for a fun night out! I do recommend wearing some Spanx or something of the like with it though. It is super clingy and the Spanx will keep it from clinging in all the wrong spots.

Overall this outfit could easily be worn from dinner with friends to a fancy holiday party. It is like a choose your own adventure story. Which is kinda the fun part about getting dressed for an event. How would you wear this outfit? And where would you wear this outfit?

tis the season

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tis the season to dress up

Tis the Season to Get Dressed Up