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November Book Club and September Reviews

November 2, 2016 0 Comments

book clubIt is time for another Book Club! Last month, or as I should say September, I bit off a bit more than I could chew. I actually only got through about 1.5 of the books before I was suppose to write the post for October. So instead of making up my thoughts on the books, I decided to put it off for a month. First you’ll find the books I am reading this month below, then you’ll find my review of the books from September below that.

So, what am I going to read this month for book club?

Bloom: Navigating Life and Style – Estee Lalonde 

I’ve been a fan of Estee back when she was known as Essie Button. She is one of the few YouTubers who I have consistently watched, loved and never gotten sick of. She is so real and honest in her videos, I feel like I am hanging out with a really good friend. When she announced that she was writing a book I was thrilled. The book has been out for a few weeks now and I have heard so many amazing reviews. This is another one I am excited to read.

Talking As Fast As I Can – Lauren Graham 

In honor of Gilmore Girls coming out this month, I wanted to read Lauren Graham’s new book! I am obsessed with Gilmore Girls and have loved Lauren Graham ever since. I am SOOOO excited to read this.

Darling Magazine –

I know a magazine isn’t a book, but this isn’t like your typical magazine. It is more like a collection of short stories accompanied beautiful pictures.

Book Club

Are you going to read all of these? Just one or two? Let me know! Also is there anything you recommend for December? I am making a list right now.

What did I think of last month’s (September Book Club) books?

Check out my original thoughts on these books and why I chose them in my original post back in September.

Girl Boss –

This was a great book! I really appreciated how raw and honest Sophia Amoruso was about her journey to where she is today. She worked really hard to get to where she wanted to be and no matter what people told her or didn’t believe in her she kept working. Her advice in this book is great for anyone, whether you are starting your own business or planning to work for someone else. This is a highly recommended read! Also if you like this book, you can listen to Sophia’s podcast on iTunes called Girl Boss.

Year of Yes –

Shonda brings to light what most of us don’t want to admit! Lots of things out there scare us and we usually say no to them. But if we could just get past this scared feeling there is so much we could learn and experience. This was a good read to inspire us to but also for us to realize anyone who is successful is just like us, they just have worked extremely hard for their success.

Rich Bitch –

This book was different than the last two. Nicole Lapin tells you straight what her opinions are of your finances. Finances have always been something very important to me and there is a lot of stuff that Nicole and I see eye to eye on. She also taught me a lot on what I should be doing. However, there are a few pieces of advice in here I don’t necessarily agree with. Isn’t that any book though? If you are struggling with your finances or just need some sound advice this book is for you! Definitely check it out.