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A Night With A Friend Is Good For The Soul & Swiftwater Cellars

January 4, 2018 0 Comments

I don’t know about you but I am a total hermit. I mean I do love getting together with friends, but I also really appreciate all of my alone time. It really recharges me and for both my mental health and physical health I need major downtime. With all that being said I love spending time with friends. When I spending time with them I don’t want to be having a conversation at a crowded bar, but much prefer a quiet dinner with good food and wine. That is why I was thrilled when Swiftwater Cellars reached out and invited me in for dinner.

Literally, Swiftwater has thought of every detail to make your experience beyond great. Their location on Main Street in Bellevue makes parking super easy and easy to get to from just about anywhere. Their overall service down to the plating shows that they care about every little detail. I have to say this all starts from the moment you walk in. The service is impeccable and our waiter had incredible knowledge of everything on the menu.

Swiftwater Cellars

I was luckily enough that my friend Sophia was able to go to dinner that night and let’s just say we are carbon copies of our mom’s who can also talk for hours. Not to mention the food was seriously incredible! The bruschetta had the perfect piece of toasted bread underneath and the ricotta was impeccable spread on top. We also had incredible crab sliders and I probably could have eaten that cheese plate every day and never gotten tired of it! And this was just our starters! Like seriously, you need to try it all!

Now if you love wine like me, you’ll love that they have wine flights. This is such a great opportunity for me to try new wines and really figure out what flavors I like. They have 4 different types of wine flights so there is something for everyone here. They also bring tasting notes so you can learn even more about the wine you are tasting.

So now I’m sure you’re wondering what dinner was like because the starters were out of this world. We order the Steelhead and the Lobster Alfredo, which again matched the tone of the rest of the meal! They were all amazing! Normally I am not much of a fish person but I could eat this steelhead all day! It is truly that incredible. Anyone in, around or passing through Bellevue definitely needs to stop in, you will be nothing but impressed with every detail at Swiftwater. I would highly recommend this restaurant to anyone looking for a place to for a date night or a casual¬†dinner. I will definitely¬†be going back and can not wait to try more items on the menu. Thank you, Swiftwater for an incredible experience and delicious food.

swiftwater cellars

swiftwater cellars