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Move Your Body

January 29, 2018 0 Comments

I’ve always been pretty good about working out. I go through lots of stages where I am excited to workout and then dread it, but that is life right? However, I have noticed, like I’m sure lots of you have, that I function better in my day to day life when I am moving my body. To be honest, I am currently sitting here, sore as all get out, but still more awake today, feeling more mentally clear, and my body isn’t hurting in the ways it sometimes does when I start to lose some of my muscle. So why aren’t you getting out to move your body?

move your body

During my college years, I was really good about getting to the gym or taking those barre classes. But once real life hit, I was sitting at a desk all day and exhausted or had 100 errands to run after I left the office. My priorities slowly switched from getting my butt to the gym or even just getting out and moving and being active to a more sedentary lifestyle. Did you know that Americans spend nearly half their day (10 1/2+) hours in front of a screen each day?** It really isn’t good to spend more than 8 hrs in front of any screen let alone the amount of time we actually spend. I know I am probably right along there with those average American’s between working 8 hrs a day, writing for my blog after work, or even staring my phone scrolling through my Instagram page. So how do we combat this culture of sitting and doing nothing? Maybe it is working out or maybe it is just moving your body.

Working out can be fun and exciting but also be that thing at the end of the day you aren’t really looking forward to. There are lots of reasons for this and I’ll be honest and say that it is just easier to go home after work and sit on the couch and disappear into a tv show or movie. However, for your overall health and longevity, you really should be getting up and be moving. Our bodies aren’t meant to sit down all day and our culture has quickly fallen into that trap.

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That is why I am making a point to set a goal for myself during the month of February. So at least 3 times a week I am going to make sure I am doing something active either before or after work. Whether that is taking an online barre3 class or taking a 30-minute walk. Just about anything that will keep me from slipping back into my habit of slipping into a sedentary lifestyle.

Favorite Ways to Stay Active –

  • Take a yoga class/barre class.
  • Grab a coffee and a friend and go for a walk along a trail.
  • Get out and take on a hike.
  • Bike down your favorite walking path.
  • Walk around the mall, especially if the weather is bad.
  • Walk the stairs at your office building or walk around the building a couple times a day.
  • Walk to get lunch instead of drive.

How are you staying active? Did you set a New Year’s Resolution to get more fit and healthy? Have you stayed on track or are you getting back on track?

**Americans devote more than 10 hours a day to screen time – CNN