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Moments of Gratitude this Season

November 21, 2016 0 Comments

November is typically a month that we are suppose to think about how thankful we are considering that we celebrate Thanksgiving. Instead I feel like we run around trying to find the perfect this or that, argue or get annoyed with family about what they are doing or how they are doing it or just putting way too much emphasis onto one meal. While I totally appreciate taking time and bringing family and friends together on a specific day we often loose the thankfulness of the day. Let’s bring back the gratitude of this season.

November Moments of GratitudeMoment 1

Enjoying the radio when stuck in traffic. Yes, I hate traffic just as much as the rest but lately I have just been letting things go and not letting traffic get to me. Also super thankful for a new car that I love.






Moment 2

My comfort food and a good glass of wine. Weird as it may be I love just basic tacos. I will make them with whatever I have in my fridge and be perfectly happy. Pairing it with a bottle of wine makes it even better and the perfect end to either a stressful day or pretty much just any day. Other recipes can be found on my food page.



Moment 3The City Church

Enjoying a good cup of tea while spending the night at the women’s night at our church. Just spending the night in a positive environment with a bunch of women who have the same or similar goals in life is always encouraging. Whether you are involved in a church or not, I highly recommend finding a group of women who can encourage you and posses similar values.



{"macroEnabled":false,"qualityMode":3,"deviceTilt":-0.05993302265671296,"customExposureMode":0,"extendedExposure":false,"whiteBalanceProgram":0,"focusMode":0}Moment 4

Afternoon naps are a serious treat! Well, unless you take a nap too late in the day and can’t sleep at night, but that is beside the point. I have never really loved naps until college and then I started to appreciate them a whole lot more.




afternoon coffeeMoment 5

Afternoon coffee and enjoying a good book! Seriously one of my favorite things and something I wish I did more of. I love to read but often get so sucked into a book I forget about everything else.


What are your moments of gratitude this month? It could be 5 different ones like mine or just 1? I encourage you to share those with everyone as this is the month to be thankful.