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Maven Botanics Enlightened Oil

October 18, 2017 0 Comments

I was recently contacted by Maven Botanics and asked if I wanted to try out their Enlightened Oil. You may have seen me post about it on my Instagram Stories or in my Favorite Fall Beauty Treatments – I am hooked on this oil!

maven botanics

As soon as I got my hands on this product, I started using it immediately. It took my skin took a few days to detox, which means that all those nasty toxins were extracted, leaving gorgeous glowing skin underneath. This oil is made of low comedogenic scale ingredients – which aren’t going clog pores and cause acne. So for those of us who are acne-prone (myself included), this oil is a life-saver.

I use about 2-3 pumps – depending on how dry my skin is – as a part of my nightly routine. As we transition to the colder and dryer months, I will also use it in the morning before applying my makeup. Just be careful to use it sparingly – too much oil can cause your makeup to slip around a bit! But use just the right amount, and the Enlightened Oil will leave your skin feeling so soft and fresh as you get ready to take on the day.

Not only does this product contain almond oil, but it also consists of two anti-aging ingredients – Frankincense and Bergamot. I tend to be a little skeptical about traditional anti-aging products (i.e. Retinol and Hydroxy acids), and would much rather stick with all-natural ingredients.

maven botanics

And on that note, The Enlightened Oil is also completely ORGANIC! If you have the option, I always recommend using organic ingredients over non-organic. If you have an all-natural skincare alternative, why not take advantage of it?

The Ingredients –

argan oil, evening primrose oil, borage oil, golden jojoba oil, rosehip seed oil, pumpkin seed oil, hemp seed oil, pomegranate seed oil, meadowfoam oil, sweet almond oil, tocopherol (vitamin e), frankincense essential oil, bergamot essential oil, lavender essential oil 

Guess what? I love this oil so much that I have a code for you to save 15%! Try it and see why I fell in love with this particular oil over all the rest!

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