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Live Botanical Moisturizers Review

November 1, 2017 0 Comments

Since making the switch to more organic and natural, I have had a hard time finding a good body lotion. With the weather changing I new the need for a good body lotion was becoming more and more urgent. That is when I receive a sample of the Live Botanical cream in one of my subscription boxes and I was hooked. I quickly order the NW Forest and was also pleasantly surprised.

live botanical

The thing I noticed first when comparing these two items is that even though they are both suppose to be creams, they have different textures. The Oceania cream is more like your typical cream/lotion. It is harder and works into the skin easily. The NW Rainforest cream feels more like a Vaseline texture. Both hold moisture in the skin amazingly well.

**UPDATE** The company informed me that they changed the formula of the NW Rainforest to be more creamy and like butter.

I often put them on after I get out of the shower in the evenings and my skin still feels moisturized and healthy hours later she I get up in the morning. Usually, after using a lotion within a few hours I need to reapply, but with this stuff I am applying once and then good for the whole day.

live botanical

I also appreciate that these creams are very clean. Usually moisturizers are full of all sorts of crap that isn’t actually moisturizing your skin, but actually depleting it of moisture! The ingredients in the Live Botanicals is not only going to keep your skin moisturized but are also really good for your skin.

Another great thing about the brand Live Botanical is a local brand. They are based out of Portland, OR and really care about their products. They have high standards which include:

  • Sourcing follows strict guidelines such as anything from outside North America and Europe it must be certified fair trade.
  • If organic is not an option, we work with local producers who follow organic guidelines or ethically wild-harvested using rules outlined by United Plant Savers.
  • For more rare materials like sandalwood it comes from sustainable sources like Australia.
  • Oils, butters and waxes must be GMO free and unrefined or minimally refined depending on formulation requirements.
  • Preservatives must be rated 1 on the Environment Working Group (EWG) list.
  • We never test on animals or use animal based ingredients. We do use bee products which come from local bee keepers who are stewards to their livelihood.

Since I have only tried their moisturizers, I can’t wait to try their Aer Hyaluronic Acid Serum, Aer Clearing Mask, and Luna Moisturizing Cleanser. Have you tried anything from this company? I am super excited to try more things out!

live botanical

Live Botanical Oceania Cream Ingredients – 

Shea Butter*, Coconut oil, Calendula* infused Apricot Kernel oil*, Jojoba*, essential oils of Benzoin, Bergamot (bergaptene free)*, Lavender*, Lime*, Neroli* and Amyris

Live Botanical NW Rainforest Ingredients – 

Rosehip* and Hibiscus* infused Apricot Kernel*, Beeswax*, Shea Butter*, Jojoba*, essential oils of Lavender*, Spruce*, Fir*, Cedar and Jasmine

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**All products were purchased by me and opinions my own.