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Grocery Haul – Making Healthy Decisions

September 23, 2017 1 Comments

Eating healthy can be challenging, but shopping for healthy snacks and easy eats can also be hard. So, when I was at the grocery store earlier this week grabbing some of my favorite snacks, I decided it would be a good idea to share some of my purchases with you! So today’s post is a grocery haul! One of the main things when I look for, when I am shopping for something healthy, is minimal ingredients. Now, not everything I have in this haul in super healthy but will give you a better alternative than some of the options out there.

healthy grocery haul

Sweeter Grocery Haul

  • Natural Vitality – Natural Calm – A Relaxing Magnesium Supplement in Raspberry-Lemon Flavor
    This is great as an alternative to sodas or even flavored water. It is very high in magnesium and will not only help you relax but if you get cramps during your time of the month, it will help reduce that as well.
  • Organic Lundberg Brown Rice Cakes Do you ever crave chips or cookies? I choose to have a rice cake with peanut butter (or almond butter) with a few chocolate chips sprinkled on top! One of my favorite treats with minimal calories but lots of protein with the nut butter.
  • Navitas – Acai Powder
    I love an acai bowl as much as the next person. In order to make sure they are healthy and packed full of good ingredients, I can make my own at home with this powder.
  • Navitas – Cacao Powder
    When I want something chocolate or when making my favorite chocolate chia seed pudding I use cacao powder instead of cocoa since it has more antioxidants and less sugar.
  • Natural Foods Center – Raw Organic Cacao Nibs Another great alternative to chocolate! Cacao nibs will be a great chocolate addition to smoothies or even my chocolate chia seed pudding.
  • Toll House – Nestle Semi-Sweet Morsels  Normally I have dairy free, soy free, and nut free chocolate chips, but I made cookies the other day and had a few of these left over.
  • GoMacro Protein Pleasure Bars
    These are a great grab and go snack! There are lots of different flavors but the chocolate peanut butter one is my favorite.
  • Fresh Ground Peanut Butter At our local Co-Op we can get fresh ground peanut butter and almond butter. This is better than the stuff you can get in the jars, not only in taste but it only has 1 ingredient! Peanuts!

healthy grocery haul

Healthier Options Grocery Haul

  • Tasty Bite – Basmati Rice
    These easy to heat rice packets make lunch really easy for me. I can grab a packet and some veggies and have a pretty good healthy lunch all ready.
  • Mezzetta – Whole Garlic & Sweet Basil Marinara
    It is soooo hard to find a marinara sauce that doesn’t have added sugar in it! This marinara is not just sugar-free, but has whole cloves of garlic and basil in the sauce! It is seriously AMAZING!!
  • Epic Bar – Chicken Siracha
    If you haven’t tried epic bars, you are missing out! Now not every flavor is my favorite but I am obsessed with the chicken siracha one!
  • Rebel – Maca Cold-Brew
    Need a morning pick me up? This Maca Cold Brew is not only amazing but has several great ingredients that you don’t get in your normal morning coffee.
  • Rebel – Reishi Chocolate
    Craving chocolate?? This drink is like drinking your favorite chocolate milk but in a healthy way. The flavor is so good that you won’t even realize how healthy it is.
  • Bonafide – Organic Bone Broth from Free Range Chicken
    So although I try to eat vegan as much as possible, adding bone broth into my diet has been a huge factor into good gut health. It might sound gross, but trust me if you are in the right mindset, it isn’t that bad!
  • Yogi Purely Peppermint Tea
  • Choice Organic Jasmine Green Tea
  • Organic India Tulsi Sleep Tea


What are your favorite healthy treats and snacks?



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