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Get Your Hands Dirty, Literally

April 5, 2017 1 Comments

hands dirty

Spring brings out the gardener! And yes, it brings out the gardener in me. Over the past few years I have had my own little garden. I love getting outside and getting my hands dirty. Nothing too big, but a few herbs like mint, rosemary, and basil, and a few vegetables like tomatoes, sugar snap peas, and onions. I personally love having all of my herbs and such on hand and easy to grab when cooking. There is another benefit though besides having fresh food and herbs to cook with.

Did you know that it has been proven that gardening is linked to longer life because you are literally getting your hands dirty. Personally, this makes me want to spend even more time in the garden and make my garden even bigger.

Wellness Mama has 6 reasons why she believes that gardeners live longer

Getting enough vitamin D.

Gardeners tend to spend plenty of time out in the sun! Yes, many believe that the sun will cause skin cancer, but did you know that Vitamin D can also help protect against sunburn and skin cancer.

Play in the dirt.

Most people believe dirt is bad! That is why we have so many soaps and antibacterials all over our houses. Instead of avoiding dirt at all costs we should be getting our hands dirty. In this article from The New York Times, it is shared that those soil borne organisms can actually help prevent autoimmune diseases, allergies, and asthma.

Getting grounded.

The earth is powerful and can help you recharge with powerful positive electrons. Many of us go very long periods of time where we don’t actually touch the earth with our skin that we are living on. Learn more about earthing in the book Earthing: The Most Important Heath Discovery Ever?

Stress relief.

I don’t know how stress affects you, but when I get stressed out or anxiety there is nothing better than getting to the gym and working out whatever is bothering me. Gardening works the same for me. I get out a pull some weeds, get my hands dirty and can forget the things that are bothering me.

They eat vegetables.

Since many gardeners are growing more vegetables, they tend to eat them more as well. I mean it is pretty easy to see that if you have more vegetables around you are more likely to eat them. As well as they taste so much better when you grow them yourself.

They exercise.

You can’t tell me that standing, squatting, pulling weeds, and hauling things around the yard is not exercise. I know from my experience that sometimes I am more sore from spending an hour outside in the yard, then the hour I spent at the gym. It might not be long and intense, but you are using muscles you may not be working at the gym and that is really good for your overall health. This of my favorite workout gear to wear both to the gym and out in the garden.


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