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Favorite Fall Trend – Hats

October 21, 2017 0 Comments

I’ve always been in love with baseball hat! I’m sure it is because I am super lazy and HATE washing my hair and a baseball hat is a perfect way to cover up some unwashed hair. However, lately I have been wearing a lot more wide brim fedora type hats and now I can’t help but want to wear them more often now. So whether it is because my hair is crazy dirty or because I don’t want my hair to become crazy in this fall trend of hats are a staple in my wardrobe. There are so many different styles of hats you can find one for any outfit.

fall trend

Honestly, I love just about any hat, not just a wide brim one. Especially in the Winter, I love a good beanie that I can stay cozy in and a baseball hat for my casual days. Does anyone else have the problem though, that as soon as the wind picks up my hat wants to fly away? Is there a trick to keep your hat on or am I stuck holding it? Please help a girl out because I love wearing this fall trend of hats but sometimes here in the PNW the wind can be a little much.

fall trend

I recently picked up this particular wide brim hat from Rag & Bone. Yes, I know Rage & Bone can be quiet spendy and it was a little splurge for me. I will say though I definitely didn’t pay full price for it (linked below if you don’t want to pay full price either). This hat drew me in because of the light grey color. I have several black¬†hats, a dark grey, and many other colors but this one filled the perfect hole in my closet. I can see this pieces being perfect not only for Fall but also for Spring as well.

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