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Fall Running Essentials

October 9, 2017 0 Comments

This year my mom and I decided to get back into running and run our first half marathon. Even just a few weeks into training we have already had issues with sickness and injury. Seriously, the flu is no joke. However, this isn’t stopping us and we are still determined to complete this! So, this got me thinking that I should put together a fall running essentials guide for anyone else who is embarking on this journey! Now I am no expert at running but I do have a few things that make running a lot easier and more enjoyable to me.

fall running essentials

First is clothing! I mean seriously they are the key to a good run and training properly! Yes, I know you probably could get away with wearing pretty much anything. However, there are a few things that I have noticed that keep me wearing certain items. First would be pant or very long capris. My legs get all itchy when running if I am not wearing pants/leggings. Also, long sleeves and a vest are key to keeping me warm in the fall. Even though the weather hasn’t gotten too cold, I still want to keep my skin from getting too cold. The vest keeps my body warm without feeling constrained and I don’t overheat.

fall running essentials

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fall running essentials

fall running essentials


fall running essentials

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So even though what I am wearing is important some of the accessories I use is just as important to me. Have you ever went for a run and been missing your headphones? It makes running so much harder and not nearly as enjoyable. I recently found these cordless headphones by Jaybird and they are amazing! I don’t have to fumble with cords while running and can leave my phone in my Flipbelt. I just have to remember to charge them!

Another item I can’t go running without is my Flipbelt. It holds my phone, keys, or whatever I need to carry and I don’t have to worry about losing anything.

Finally, I am a huge fan of natural deodorant. If I am out of my homemade deodorant, I always reach for Schmidt’s. It is the best natural deodorant without any of the harsh or bad ingredients.

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