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Fall Nightly Routine

October 30, 2017 0 Comments

The fall is probably my favorite time a year. It is time to start getting cozy and spending time by the fire. Also during this time of year, I don’t feel bad about staying home and going to bed at a decent time.During the summer months I tend to have more variety in my routine, but the fall is when I start to buckle down and really focus on my me time.  Last year I wrote about my nightly routine and some things have stayed the same, but a few have changed so I thought I would share this years fall nightly routine with you. I usually like a routine where I can wind down and slowly get ready for bed. This allows me to fall asleep quickly and sleep well instead of waking up in the middle of the night because I fell asleep with the tv on.

nightly routine

Routines like this give me time for myself and if you know me, my alone time is exactly what I need to be energized and ready to take on the world. Are you like me and need to spend time alone or are you an extrovert and prefer to spend time with people? It is good to know what energizes you, so you can treat yourself in the best way possible.

My Nightly Routine –

4:30 pm – leave work

5:00 pm – arrive home

eat a snack

get ready to workout

6:00 pm – running or Barre3

7:00 pm – return home


make dinner

8:00 pm – wok on blog/blog stuff

9:00 pm – make a cup of tea

turn the lights down and lamps on

turn on some calming music

crawl into bed

read for 20-30 minutes

What is your nightly routine? Anything special you like to do before bed? Do you like to wind down like me? Or do you watch tv or something instead? It Christmas so sometimes I end up watching the Countdown to Christmas marathons on the Hallmark Channel.

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