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Fall is for Sweater Weather

November 13, 2017 0 Comments

Does anyone else have the problem where they love fall for about the first month and have tons of cute outfits. Then by November its become a little too cold and you just want to be indoors curled up by the fire. The fun of sweater weather has passed and all I want to be is warm and cozy! All I want to wear is leggings, slippers, and a big comfy sweatshirt. However, this outfit is getting me out of my comfy clothes and more acceptable to be in public.

Also stay to the end of this post to see my encounter with my new squirrel friend.

sweater weather

There are two things that will get me off the couch on days like today in particular, where the weather isn’t great and it is still cold out. The first is a big comfy jacket like this one from J. Crew. It is super cozy

sweater weather fall

sweater weather

The second would be a big cozy sweater weather worthy sweater. A sweater that the wind won’t go through is hard to find and this one is definitely holds up the challenge. This sweater is cozy and I am obsessed with the neckline. It definitely isn’t a turtleneck but is more of a rolled neck. Now, I paired this sweater with my favorite leather leggings but these jeans would also look amazing with a pair of skinny jeans and over the knee boots.

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sweater weather

sweater weatherAlso girls! We had an encounter with a squirrel during this shoot! Ok scratch that, it was two squirrels. I was out at the park shooting with my mom and she nonchalantly told me I had a squirrel coming over to me. I thought the squirrels would be in the grass but no they were hopping over to me and ended up less than a foot away from me. Now this is when I freaked out and had visions of the squirrels crawling up my legs. The squirrels ended up following us for the rest of the shoot. Photo below of the cute squirrel who freaked me out!


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