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Easy DIY Christmas Gifts for Under $20

December 18, 2017 0 Comments

A few years ago I fell in love with this scarf. I bought it off Etsy and loved wearing it. However, after wearing it for a few times I realized that it would be super easy to make myself. It turns out this easy DIY is under $20 and the perfect Christmas present. So, I figured it would share with you one of my favorite DIY Christmas gift to give my friends and family now.

easy DIY Christmas Present under $20

This is super easy to grab the supplies and put these together in less than an hour.

What Do You Need:

Easy DIY Christmas Gifts for Under $20

Step 1:

Even out your edges. Follow the pattern to make sure your fabric has straight edges so the fraying will look even.

Easy DIY Christmas Gifts for Under $20

Step 2:

Remove the thread that runs along the cut to about an inch up.

Step 3:

Add Fray Check to the corner of each of the corners to prevent the scarf from continuing to unravel. Then your scarf is ready!

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