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Bedroom Styling

September 9, 2017 1 Comments

Today, we aren’t talking about outfit styling instead we are talking about bedroom styling. Personally, I am obsessed with making my bedroom my oasis and having everything styled perfectly. I might be a little messy at times, but my bed is where that is the complete opposite.

bedroom styling

Furniture –

I like big bold pieces! Until a few years ago I had never had a headboard, so when I was searching for a new bed a big headboard was one of my biggest checklist items. After month’s of searching, I finally fell in love with the detail and the fireplace inspired mantle of the Addison Headboard from Potterybarn. A big piece like this really pulls all focus in a room.

If you have a big piece like this headboard, then having two side tables that compliment it is extremely important. I chose mirrored bedside tables to help keep the space bright as well as make the space look bigger.

My Advice – Choose pieces you love and will last a long time. Super trendy pieces will go out of style but classics will always look good. You also want to choose pieces that will make a statement and pull the eye, like my headboard which is the center of attention in my room. This will help when you are bedroom styling.

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bedroom styling

Bedding –

Personally, I like to keep things light and bright! For me, this means white bedding. I now white bedding can be hard to keep clean, but that is why I opt for gray sheets and keep the white on top. The gray prevents my sheets from looking dingy.

I also have chosen a secondary accent color of dusty teal. This color is also great because it is calming and not too bright on the eyes. I choose to add a throw blanket onto the bed just adding this pop of color.

My advice – Choose colors that are light and bright. You should want to relax in your room, not feel drained. Dark colors tend to darken the mood. Choose something that is not only bright but also calming.

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bedroom styling

Accessorizing –

I try to keep my bedside tables styled very simply! I keep a lamp on both sides but then each side is slightly different. The bedside that I use the most is the one pictured above on the left. I keep my glasses handy, a photo I love of my sister, as well as some coasters. Everything else changes from day to day. Right now I have my travel journal where I keep note of all of my favorite memories from my travel as well as the two Marie Kondo books. On the other bedside table, I keep my clock as well as my cactus, and a coaster

My Advice – Keep it simple. You don’t need a million things on your bedside. If you are anything like me you will accidentally knock them over anyways in the middle of the night.

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