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Bathroom Cleaning

November 15, 2016 0 Comments

Bathroom Cleaning

Ugh! My bathroom is a mess and is in need of a bathroom cleaning! Always has been. It doesn’t help my bathroom is the size of a postage stamp.

I have always a product hoarder and loved having just about everything I could every need from makeup to haircare to skincare available in my bathroom. With my life style change to more holistic I have realized that a lot of these products I keep in my bathroom are VERY toxic to me as well as very expensive to to keep up. Now I am not saying go into your bathroom and throw everything out, instead I am saying be more conscious of what you are buying. Already have 3 moisturizers in your bathroom? Why buy another? Instead use up those three before you buy a new one. Also don’t hold on to products that aren’t working for you! Have a face wash that breaks you out? Give to a friend who has a bit oiler skin than you.

I also decided to take down the shelves above my toilet. This helped open up the space and create more open wall space in my very small bathroom. I replaced the shelves with a picture frame (that I am still waiting on the illustration to arrive). But it seriously looks so much cleaner.

I have also put all of my face products, body washes and hair products in these gorgeous brown bottle that add a bit of elegance to an otherwise cluttered shower. I have also taken off almost everything off the counter and replaced it with just a few glass jars that are beautiful.

What have you done to clean out your bathroom and make it more appealing to the eye? or your sanity?  Let me know in the comments below. I am so happy with how my bathroom cleaning turned out and am hoping I can keep it up!

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