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Ahnesti Green Shampoo & Conditioner

September 16, 2017 0 Comments

When I made the switch to green beauty one of the hardest transitions was what I was using in my hair.  I tried lots of really crappy green shampoo and conditioner which left my hair dry and brittle. Since you don’t have a lot of the chemicals helping smooth the cuticles in the shampoo and conditioner you need a really good quality green shampoo! Then I found Ahnesti (pronounced Honesty) Shampoo and Conditioner.

green shampoo

A little about  Ahnesti –

Use ingredient standards set forth by the European Union — the highest cosmetic ingredient standards on the planet

Color Safe

Sulfate Free


Free from Parabens

Cruetly Free

Salon Performance


No Petroleum

Overall this brand has really high standards and is an amazing product! Check out this interview with founder Lorri.

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I started using this product a few weeks ago before I completely destroyed my hair by bleaching it and it is seriously amazing. Even with bleaching the heck out of my hair it helps keep my hair moisturized and clean! I don’t feel that my hair is completely dried out like other green shampoo and conditioners had left my hair.

I currently use the Puriti line which is good for my hair, but check out this grid to figure out what kind of shampoo is best for you. They have two different ranges that will pretty much help whatever you hair needs are.

Have you thought about switching to a greener option for your hair? Do you have a favorite brand that you use?

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