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6 Tips for the Holidays That Will Help You Through the Next Month

November 25, 2017 0 Comments

The holiday’s are officially upon us and things are gonna get crazy real fast! I compiled a list of just a few things to help you get through the holiday’s with little to no stress. Now let’s be real and know that this season isn’t going to perfectly stress free, but we can reduce the stress a bit and get through the holiday’s unscathed. So these tips for the holidays are going to help you out just a bit.

tips for the holidays

  1. Stay on track with your diet and exercise. There is no quicker way to feel off your game if you are eating crappy food and not working out. That doesn’t mean you can enjoy a treat now and then, but avoid it every day and every meal. This will also prevent you from putting on too many pounds that you will want to take off in January. Need some new gear to keep you inspired check out Athleta they have 20% off your purchase right now.
  2. Start EARLY! I know this seems like a no brainer but if you start shopping now you won’t have to worry about things later on. It also allows you to spread everything out over months. This also goes for any dinners you are going to be hosting. You can start preparing food a few days early and that will make things a lot easier the day of.
  3. Set aside nights to specifically spend time with family and friends. Although this is suppose to be a time to spend with family and friends we often are so busy trying to make everything perfect we miss out on the small things. Whether you are going to be staying home and watching Christmas movies or going to watch a tree lighting ceremony put aside certain days and nights to specifically spend with your family and friends. This isn’t a time to worry about shopping or such but more of a time to be present. Maybe you put away your phone or choose a restaurant you can really have a conversation at.
  4. Don’t stress the small stuff. Remember, no one is going to know if something doesn’t go right, because they didn’t know how it was suppose to go in the first place. This also includes the horrific traffic you might find yourself in or the long lines you are going to be standing in. All these people are trying to get through the holiday’s like the rest of us so be kind and don’t worry about standing in line or that you might be a few minutes late because everyone else is also trying to get somewhere as well.
  5. Write everything down. We often come across inspiration of ideas when we are least expecting it only to forget it no to long after. Write it down, text it to yourself, email yourself. This will keep you from forgetting those brilliant ideas and make the season so much easier to get through.
  6. Try shopping at least peak times. Shopping is serious mayhem right now. Try shopping during slow times. This can be right as the mall opens on Saturday or Sunday. Or even if you get get away for an hour for lunch and quickly head over to your favorite shop to pick up a few gifts. This will help you spend less time in lines and more time with friends and family.

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