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5 Small Ways to Show Gratitude and Thankfulness

November 20, 2017 0 Comments

This is the season of thankfulness and giving! Often times I think we need to be reminded of that. Between running around to every store to get the perfect item to crazy traffic around the holiday’s we all tend to get stressed, frustrated, and even ungrateful. Why do we put so much pressure on a couple days and spend so much time worried about it? I know it is typically a day that you get your family together, but instead of making the entire season about family and enjoying everyday. During this season I am challenging you to take a step back, understand not everything has to be perfect, and really spend time with your friends and family. Here are 5 small things you can do to change this season.

5 small ways to show gratitude and thankfulness

  1. Be an active listener. This is the time of year to put your phone away and actually be present in conversations. The person, Instagram, or email can wait an hour while you actively listen and participate in a conversation. Nothing is more important than who you are with at that particular moment.
  2. Volunteer for an unpleasant job. Who is cleaning up after dinner? You are! Who is taking out the trash? You are! Cleaning the bathroom? You are! This is such a great time to step up and help out in any way you can. No one particularly likes these jobs, especially those who do them all the time. So why not do them for someone. You’ll be surprised how much they appreciate some of these small things.
  3. Be gracious when challenged. Whether it is in the car on your way home from work or in those crazy holiday lines at the grocery store. Not only will your mood be better from being gracious but you will be positively affecting the lives of everyone around you in a crazy time of the year.
  4. Write handwritten notes of thanks. Thanks is not said enough and when it is said, it is over a quick over the shoulder thanks or text. A quick handwritten note shows you thought about that action for longer and took extra time out of your day to show thanks.
  5. Pay it forward. Whether it is letting someone who is standing in line with only one item cut you or buying the person behind you in line’s coffee pay it forward to someone else. This is the season of giving, remember!

Do you have any other ideas to show gratitude and thankfulness?

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